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As you probably know by now, Harrington College Of Design is winding down its operations and will close permanently by August 2018. This announcement has left thousands of students, just like you, scrambling and unsure about their student loans.

On a positive note, when a for-profit college closes suddenly like this, former students may be entitled to student loan forgiveness. This applies to all former students, not just those that were in attendance when the closure came to fruition. If you have any student loans from Harrington College Of Design, we highly advise you call us to see how we can help. To see if you qualify and learn what steps to take next, give us a call at (844) 346-3705 or complete the 2 step qualifying form down below.

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Timeline of Events


The school traces its history to 1931, when Frances Harrington, a practicing interior designer, traveled to Chicago to provide a series of lectures for interior design professionals. She soon found a growing interest in the study of interior design and expanded her offerings by creating the Harrington Institute of Interior Design.


When she retired in 1959, her former student Robert Marks assumed leadership of the school. Marks added many programs and degree options to the school's curriculum. Changes in programs, which are now under the guidance of the school's professional Advisory Board, are driven by input from the design industry's professional organizations.


In 2003, Harrington Institute changed its name to Harrington College of Design to reflect the broadening of the school's design-related programs of study.


The 84-year-old interior design school located in the Loop, is winding down operations and will close permanently by August 2018, school administrators said. As of April 2015 no new students are being admitted.


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